Teleware Business Sim

Teleware are a business mobile services provider based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. They offer a wide range of business telephony solutions, focusing on simplifying the telecoms experience for businesses and their customers.

One Number, Many Services

The core service offered is a simple way to used a single number for both mobile and landline calls, called convergence. The service is accessed through the Teleware sim cards, which are used in exactly the same way as the main mobile networks. In fact, the Teleware mobile service piggy backs on the Vodafone network.

Recording Made Easy

One of the big benefits of using a business focused service is the scalability it offers, particularly when coupled with extra services such as call recording. Many industries are now regulated, and as such it is either highly advisable, or even obligatory to record calls both in and outbound. An obvious example of this is the financial services industry where companies can be required to produce the recordings of calls by the regulator, the Financial Services Authority.

These services are available to order as part of your package on Teleware as a kind of mix and match solution. You can arrange for calls to be recorded by the company’s sophisticated data centre solution, so there is nothing for you to do on site at all. You then simply request the recordings as required.

The Simple Swap

Because the only change required to take on Teleware’s service is to swap over a sim card, there is no expensive technology to install on your site, great from a cost perspective and also in that you don’t need to find somewhere to put it. Often with implementing technology, some of the simplest oversights can be the most complicated to resolve, such as placing it next to power outlets and network points. In this case, however, everything is handled remotely in Teleware’s data centre, so you can focus on running your business.

Another benefit of the sim card swap model is that it should work with all mobile phone handsets, assuming they are either unlocked, or sim free. All you need to do is put the sim card into your handset when it arrives, and it should ‘just work’. Of course, because everything happens remotely, it also prevents any issues with different handsets supporting different features, and everything should be available to every user.

Callers Never Know You’re Out

The convergence techniques that Teleware utilise mean that whether you are receiving calls on your land line phone or mobile phone should be completely transparent to the caller, and likewise to people you call. In other words, you can have the same phone number routed to either phone for inbound calls, and the same phone number will appear as the Caller Line Identification (CLI) regardless of the handset you call from.

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of investment has been made into the compliance with financial services regulations. Where you might normally have been forced to operate a policy of staff only communicating with customers at their desk, they can now do so anywhere, as their mobile phone is routed through exactly the same system and calls recorded accordingly.

Specialist Features Off The Shelf

There are also specialist services available for on-the-fly call management, such as reacting to fraudulent calls such as barring further calls being received.

Call rates and subscription fees are available on request direct from the operator, and will likely be determined based on your needs. If you want to find out more and are interested in taking advantage of Teleware’s service, it is suitable for any number of employees, from sole traders wishing to project a professional image on the move to large corporate call centres. You can find out more information on their website at There are also a wide range of technical documents giving full information about each aspect of their service by registering here.

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