Kite Mobile

Kite Mobile are a virtual mobile network primarily targeting international calls, however also have great rates to UK landlines and mobiles. The network is in its infancy, and even the Kite Mobile website still has areas under construction at the time of writing. Undeniably however, this is an ambitious project, undercutting most of the options for free sims on the market today.

Cheap UK And International Calls

The proposition is a pay as you go sim card to put into an existing unlocked mobile phone handset, with a very simple pricing strategy. For example, international calls can be made from as little as a penny per minute, which is impressive when you consider that a call to a UK landline will cost you exactly the same amount. There are very few mobile tariffs available which will charge you the same amount for an international call as they will to call the UK.

Text Messaging

Text messages are also competitive, costing 10p for each message sent to a UK mobile phone. There are concessions for text messages to other Kite Mobile phones, which are charged at 5p each.

Cheap International Mobile Calls

Calls to mobiles cost 10 pence per minute in the UK, and again have attractive rates internationally, for example, a call to a USA mobile phone will cost 3 pence per minute, Barbados is charged at 17 pence per minute and Australia is charged at 22 pence per minute. UK calls between Kite users (i.e. Kite Mobile to Kite Mobile) are priced at just 2 pence per minute, however due to the current user base, you are unlikely to be calling many other users on the same network.

Kite Mobile Don’t Do Allowances?

One obvious omission from the Kite Mobile range is any form of allowances as rewards for topping up or the option to buy them in bulk from your credit balance. However, there is a section on the website titled monthly plans which simply reads ‘coming soon’. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any more information about inclusive texts, calls and Internet use, and as yet have not had a response to our email enquiry.

Topping Up

Credit top ups are possible through the Kite Mobile website, through a members area system. You simply need to sign up to the website and create a ‘MyKite’ account which will allow you to manage your services from Kite Mobile. Payment methods accepted include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and NetTeller. Interestingly, unlike many other mobile services, the price per minute quoted on the website includes VAT.

Free Kite Sims

Free Kite Mobile sim cards are available online from where you can opt to buy them complete with top ups of £5, £10, £15, £20, or £30. Once your order is placed, they will be sent out and all you need to do is switch over the sim card in your mobile phone handset.

Too Good To Be True?

The incredible value for money offered by kite mobile seems a little hard to believe, however, if they stand test of time, international call rates available on the 5 pence per minute are market leading, as are the penny a minute calls to UK landlines, and 10 pence per minute calls to UK mobiles on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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