A Sim Card Reader For Mobile Back Ups

A sim card reader is a handy device which allows you to read the contents of your mobile sim card on your computer. Usually, the device is plugged into an available USB port on your computer and comes with a CD containing software specially designed to work with the sim card reader.

What You Get

A typical sim card reader kit will include the device itself, as well as software and a cable to plug into your PC. There will also usually be an instruction booklet, although this may well be provided electronically as a PDF document on the CD.

Sim Card Compatibility

Generally speaking all UK sim cards should be compatible with the latest sim card readers. There are some older models which will not work with the newer 3G sim cards, but this should not be an issue if you buy a current model. One obvious exception is the micro sim cards used in the later generations of iPhones and iPad tablets.

Just be a little cautious when buying from anywhere that is associated with second hand stock or outdated models, such as eBay or listings of used items on Amazon. If in doubt, type the model number into Google to find out the specification.

Are Sim Card Readers Legal?

There are a wide range of makes and models of sim card readers on the market, and some people believe them to be illegal. Whilst it is true that some people use them for illegal purposes (especially those with read and write functionality that can be used to duplicate sim cards), it is not illegal to use them to simply back up your sim card in order to keep your contacts safe. Also, when you order a new sim, you’ll likely want to keep the details like contacts and text messages stored on your old sim.

Choose Your Device

Buying a sim card reader is simple. You can find them in most high street mobile stores, or online on the big shopping portals and specialist stores.

You should expect to pay up to £10 for a USB sim card reader, although often you can find them as low as £5. It is risky to opt for a device that’s much cheaper than this, as the build quality of the sim card reader may mean it is easily broken.

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