How To Access Your GiffGaff Voicemail

Once you have your free GiffGaff sim, before long you’ll get that familiar icon lit up or flashing to tell you someone’s left you a voicemail. You might find that the phone is still set up for your previous network’s voicemail service, so doesn’t connect to a mailbox.

Calling Voicemail

Your voicemail is activated from the moment you start using your sim card, so you don’t need to do anything to turn on the service. This of course means that people can also leave you messages, so it’s a good idea to know how to get to them (you have 30 days before they’re deleted).

There are two ways to call voicemail. The first is by dialling 443 on your handset and making the call, the second is to call your own mobile number.

Setting Up Your Greeting

The first time you access your mailbox, you’ll be invited to set up a greeting – the message people hear when they don’t get through to you.

You can also configure a security code for your mailbox, which will allow you to hear your messages from any phone, so you can keep up to date if you forget to take your phone with you!

Just phone your mobile number from any phone, and when it goes to voicemail press * (star) and follow the instructions to enter the code you chose.

Turning It Off, And On!

If you don’t want a voicemail service, you can turn it off by calling 1626. This is free to use, and you can re-activate your service at any time by calling 1616.


Calling the voicemail service is charged as a single minute call. This means that it costs 10p, unless you have an inclusive allowance through a GiffGaff Goodybag, in which case it will deduct a minute’s call time from your allowance.

The exception to the rule (there’s always one isn’t there?) is that if you’re abroad you’ll be billed as if you are making an international call back to the UK when you call voicemail.

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