My GiffGaff: Login To Your Account

My GiffGaff is the home of your account when you become a GiffGaff customer, or as they prefer to think of you, member of their community. You can do the normal things like top up your phone by card to add to your available credit, and there’s some more unique features too.

If you don’t already have one, you can find out about and order your GiffGaff sim here (or micro sim here).

Getting Started – Sign Up

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up at which will create an account for you to associate your phone with. You can have an account without activating a GiffGaff sim, but if you want to be able to manage your phone account you’ll need to link it.

GiffGaff Login Page

Next go to and enter your new user name and password log in details to access your account. You’ll find yourself in the members area, known as My GiffGaff.

What To Do With My GiffGaff

Once logged in, you will be able to activate your GiffGaff sim card, and you will then be able to top up online. You can also use the online system to transfer your mobile number to your new sim card.

Remember that if you are under contract with your previous company, you will need to give them notice. This will involve paying up the rest of your minimum term if it has not yet expired.

GiffGaff Payback – Get Rewarded For Being Helpful

In your control panel you’ll also be able to track how many payback points you have accrued. Because the network is run by its members you can earn points by helping others out in the forums or even giving a mate a free GiffGaff sim to help the network attract more customers.

Payback points can be used to exchange for a cash payout, make a charitable donation or as credit to use on your phone.

Customer Service

You can communicate with GiffGaff agents in the members area too, and you’ll send messages back and forth from your account. As a community member you might soon choose to help out with customer service and earn payback points in the forum just for being helpful!


The account you have at My GiffGaff will be a good place to find out more and buy Goodybags for your phone. Goodybags are a bit like contract mobile phone allowances, but you don’t have to pay for them every month!

Just decide how many texts, minutes and how much web access you need this month and buy a Goodybag to save yourself even more money!

The My GiffGaff members area is a huge asset to managing your mobile phone use 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Make sure you familiarise yourself with how it works to get the most value from your mobile!

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