How To Get A GiffGaff Micro Sim For iPhone and iPad

Users of Apple products since the iPad was introduced have needed a micro sim card rather than the more traditional standard sim. If you go to the GiffGaff site, you’ll notice (like many others) that the option to order a micro sim seems to be missing.

Make Your Own?

Some people on the Internet have pointed out that the chip itself on a micro sim is identical to that on a standard sim card, but we don’t recommend getting the scissors out!

The Power Of The Crowd

A unique part of GiffGaff’s set up is their community model. A lot of the expense incurred by the big mobile networks is running huge call centres and investing in customer care. GiffGaff have turned this on its head and let their customers support each other by rewarding them with cash, free credit for calls, texts and mobile Internet or donations to charity.


What’s this got to do with the availability of micro sims (or lack of)? Well, the community has put together a site called MicroGaff, which apparently is quite a big achievement. The important thing though is that you can get a micro sim for your iPad or iPhone for GiffGaff here:

The way this has been set up means that you get the extra bonus of getting a sim card with £5 free credit when you top up and it is a referral from another GiffGaff member. Neat eh?

Plenty Of Data Available

Other than the different process for ordering your micro sim relative to the normal free sim cards from GiffGaff, everything else remains the same. As high end devices like the iPad and iPhone consume plenty of data, we highly recommend considering the data bearing Goodybags (and Gigabags!) available in My GiffGaff once you have signed up and activated your sim. This will avoid demolishing your top ups and credit too quickly!

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