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Welcome to our pay as you go sim card comparison website. We bring you a wide range of sim card deals, ranging from those that come direct from the mobile networks, to the fantastic value that comes along every now and again when you can get free sims with credit already loaded onto them.

If you’re just looking to get your hands on one of the free sim cards from a mobile network, here’s the quick links to the main networks:

Vodafone | o2 | Orange | T-Mobile | Three | GiffGaff

What Are Sims?

Image of a sim card
This is what blank sim card looks like. When you receive one with a handset (or direct from a network) they will carry the branding of the company they are supplied by.

Sim cards connect your mobile phone to a mobile network. For example, if you buy a phone on contract from Vodafone, it will typically be supplied with a free Vodafone sim card in the box. This doesn’t mean that you have to subscribe to a lengthy contract to get a free sim card though.

You can find a more detailed description of how sim cards work here. For most of us though, simply recognising what a sim card looks like is enough, and all you have to do is pop it into your phone and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Free Pay As You Go Sim Cards

You will find the mobile networks listed on the menu, and under each network you can find ways to get hold of the tariff on that provider from different places.

When you are looking to get a pay as you go sim from a number of networks, you should remember that they will only remain active for so long, as the telephone number that is associated with the free sim will eventually get reallocated if you do not top it up.

How To Find Free Sims

To order sims, simply browse around the site and follow the links clearly displayed at the bottom of each page.

The order process is normally completed on the website of the company providing the pay as you go (PAYG) tariff, whether that be the mobile network or a third party. We will clearly indicate who is offering the promotion on the page near the link.

UK PAYG Sim Cards

The sims listed on this website are intended for a UK audience, and may not be delivered to addresses outside of the UK. If you are looking for prepay sim cards to use abroad, you may like to consider a service like World Sim which will be much cheaper than paying roaming fees to a UK network.

Choose Your TARIFF Wisely

By choosing from the sims on our website, you will be able to find all sorts of deals with added extras. We have tried to represent the information as clearly as possible, and in cases where there a criteria to meet in order to get extra bonuses, we have provided those details on the page about that tariff.

For example, the sims with unlimited texts often require a minimum monthly top up, and sometimes that means you get free texts in the following month rather than the current month. Be sure to read the details about the free sims before you order to make sure they meet your needs.

Consider Sim Only Alternatives

There is also a huge amount of information on the site about a lesser known type of deal, called sim only. These have many of the benefits of a contract phone, but usually come at a lower price and with a shorter minimum term contract, in some cases just 30 days. You can find out more in our sim only section.

Stay Updated

Every now and again we get details of how to get free sims with credit. If you would like to be notified when these special offers are available, please join our mailing list, who are always the first to know about new promotions running on the site.

We hope you find your visit useful, and that you find pay as you go (payg) sim cards on a tariff that meets your needs.

The FreeSimCards.org Team

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