Free T-Mobile Sim Cards

T-Mobile sim cards and plans are no longer available, as they’re now part of the larger EE range. You can find out more about the tariffs available by checking out our page on EE plans which is here.

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Retailer Price Link
T-Mobile Free Get free sim cards direct from T-Mobile
MobileFun £3.03 Get a T-Mobile sim card from Mobile Fun
Prepay Mania £0.50 Get a T-Mobile sim card from Prepay Mania

T-Mobile are one of the big UK mobile networks, and operate under the same umbrella as Orange through their parent company Everything Everywhere.

The T-Mobile Sim Card Proposition

T-Mobile offer 1 or 2 free sim cards for order to customers in the UK, which can be used in any current or previous T-Mobile supplied phone, sim free phone,  or unlocked handset. If your phone is currently locked to another network, take a look at the options available for that network via the menu at the top of the page, or consider getting your handset unlocked.

T-Mobile Pay As You Go Tariff

On pay as you go with T-Mobile, calls cost 20p per minute, regardless of the time of day and whether you are calling a landline or a mobile. Of course, premium rate services, calls abroad  and other services will cost more and you can get more specific information of the T-Mobile website.

Free Extras With Your Free T-Mobile Sim Cards

Ordering your free T-Mobile sim card and activating it will entitle you to a number of benefits other than great call and text rates. For example, topping up by £10 a month will mean that you qualify for 100 free minutes in addition to the credit you add. As you might have worked out, normally 100 minutes would cost £20, so in effect you’re topping up by £10 and getting £30 of value (£20 of ‘free’ talk time plus your £10 credit).

More T-Mobile Pay As You Go Benefits

Once your credit hits zero, T-Mobile have introduced an innovative feature allowing you to text a friend to ask them to call you – great when you are stuck without a balance on your phone. What’s more, you’ll get a warning sent as a text to your phone when your balance runs low, so running out shouldn’t come as a shock and you’ll have time to top up. While some networks require a minimum top up amount of £5 or £10, you can visit a T-Mobile store and add as little as £1 to your balance at a time!

Customer Service Is A Free Call Away

Because of the investment in automated services, many customer service calls are free. You need only pay for support when you need to speak to a human, and even then it’s only 25p. So for checking your balance, topping up and the like, you’ve got a free service to access which is really simple to use.

Leaving You A Message

You’ll get a voicemail service with your free T-Mobile sim card, and that will cost you 20p per minute to call and retrieve messages. As usual you can record a greeting for people to recognise your voice when they call and you can’t answer, and you can pick up those messages anywhere you can make a call.

Internet Access On T-Mobile Free Sim Packages

If you’re partial to checking the sports results, reading the news or catching up with your mates on Facebook and Twitter, free T-Mobile sim cards have you covered. In fact they cap your costs at a very reasonable £1 per day, so you can forget about expensive costs, knowing a days surfing will never cost you more than a quid!

Order A T-Mobile Free Sim

We recommend getting your sim cards direct from T-Mobile which you can do here, simply because it’s free. You can also get them from mobile phone retailers, and we’ve provided a couple of popular options at the top of this article. Once ordered, your free T-Mobile sim cards usually drop through your letterbox after a couple of days, ready to place into your mobile phone and start benefiting!

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