Free Orange Sim Cards

As Orange now fall under the umbrella of EE, the brand has now been virtually retired. You’ll still see them mentioned in places on the new company website, but new plans and stores have all been rebranded to EE. For now, you can still see the details of the former plans below, but they’re no longer available. To see the new versions, please see the EE sim card page.

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Quick Links

(details about the sims are below the table):
Orange Logo

Retailer Price Link
Orange Free Get free sim cards direct from Orange
MobileFun £3.03 Get an Orange sim card from Mobile Fun
Prepay Mania £0.50 Get an Orange sim card from Prepay Mania

Orange are part of the same company as T-Mobile, collectively forming Everything Everywhere.

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 What You Get With Free Orange Sims

The Orange pay as you go sim card is sent out after you order it on their website. You can ask to be sent up to four sim cards per household, and you are welcome to order them for other people too, they’re not limited for your own use (of course, if you have four phones you’re welcome to use them).

As Orange and T-Mobile are now part of the same overall company, you can use both their networks, meaning the signal coverage is very good indeed. Most handsets can use whichever signal is strongest at any one time.

The Orange Pay As You Go Tariff

Orange operate a very straightforward tariff on their pay as you go sim cards. There are five variations to choose from, each represented by an animal. The animal plan are tailored to different types of users.

The Orange Free Sim Card Animals

Animal Type Of Customer
Monkey The Music Fan – includes music downloads and free texts
Dolphin The Social Fan – web and text allowances to stay in touch
Canary The Chatterbox – free minutes and texts
Racoon The Bargain Hunter – no freebies, but low cost texts and calls
Camel The Traveller – free international minutes and low overseas rates

Let’s look at each free orange sim card in detail:

Orange Monkey Sim Card

As the table shows, the monkey sim card is great for music fans. Many of us now have phones which double up as MP3 players, so having the ability to access new music on the move is great. The following video shows what Monkey’s music service is all about:

As well as getting access to over 300,000 music tracks through your phone, you’ll also qualify for free texts when you top up, ranging from 400 texts for a top up of £10, up to 1000 text messages when you add £30 of credit.

Orange Dolphin Sim Card

If you’re always on Facebook or Twitter, Dolphin is made for you. You’ll get web access included after every top up, starting with 100Mb and 400 texts for £10 added to your balance rising to a gigabyte and unlimited messages for a £30 top up.

Orange Canary Sim Card

If you’re known as the talker of the group, you’ll be right at home with Orange’s canary pay as you go plan. You’ll get free talk time and text messages when you top up, stating with 100 of each when you add a tenner, up to 300 texts and 300 minutes with a £30 top up.

Orange Racoon Sim Card

There’s nothing complicated about racoons, not when it’s an Orange Racoon anyway! No freebies, but a flat rate of 14p per text and 14p for each minute of talk time to UK mobiles and landlines.

Orange Camel Sim Card

Last but not least, camel adds the cultural diversity of the world to Orange’s pay as you go range. There’s over fifty countries covered, and each top up with get you free minutes to call those countries. A £10 credit will mean you get 60 minutes to use for free, ranging up to 240 minutes for £30 top ups.

More Orange Benefits!

As well as the above benefits, all the plans except for Racoon also benefit from a few other valuable bonuses:

Bonus What You Get
Orange Wednesdays Movies And Pizza! Get 2 for 1 entry to films, and the same on pizza.
Orange Magic Numbers 3 is the magic number! Nominate three friends on Orange and you can talk to them for an hour and only get a minute’s worth of charges taken from your credit!
Orange Reserve Tank Out of credit? Panic not – get a £2.50 credit boost to finish your conversation.

All of the above packages that include free allowances with topping up your credit balance (i.e. everything but Racoon) mean you get those extras on top of your credit. So, if you get 100 texts when you top up by £10, you get £10 plus £100 texts to use as you wish. Often the free allowances expire after a month, so check the small print when you order your free sim cards.

Charges Outside Allowances

If you use your phone outside of the allowances you receive, your credit will diminish accordingly. The general rates at the time of writing are 20p per minute for calls to UK landlines and mobiles, and 10p per text sent. Internet use is charged at 65 pence per megabyte, for use in the UK. You’ll also pay for extra services if you use them, for example the answer phone service is charged at 20p per minute to collect your messages.

You can find all five packages on the Orange free sim cards tariff here.

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