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Vodafone are one of the biggest mobile networks in the UK and have a number of tariffs available with free sims.

Free Vodafone Sim Card Plans

The free Vodafone sim card tariffs available are:

The following table highlights the features of each tariff:

Tariff Description
Freedom A Vodafone Freedom free sim card allows you either pay as you go, or to buy allowances as you need them. There are allowances priced between £10 and £30 available, which will get you a combination of calls, texts and Internet to use on your phone. You can find more details about allowance and pricing for buying blocks of allowances on the Freedom page. Don’t forget there’s no requirement to buy allowances, you can just use your free Vodafone sim on a pay as you go basis!
Text & Web Text & Web tariff is unsurprisingly aimed at phone users that don’t primarily use their phones to make calls. If you love to text and surf the web on your phone, this is the pay as you go sim card for you! All you need to do to qualify for 300 texts is to top up by £10, and they’re yours to use any time in the next 30 days. What’s more, you also get 500 megabytes of Internet use on your phone included too, all in addition to your top up credit. For further details, check out Vodafone Text & Web here.
Weekend Vodafone Weekend free sim cards give you free calls and texts at the weekend when you add credit of at least £5 during the week. It is important to note that the credit has to be added to your phone in the Monday to Friday period before the weekend in order to benefit. You will get unlimited texts and 100 minutes to use for the whole weekend! You can find Weekends here.
Talk At the opposite end of the spectrum to Text and Web users, you will find Vodafone Talk. This is aimed at customers using their mobiles for calls ahead of texts and Internet access. When you add £10 credit to your phone, you’ll get 1,000 bundled minutes to call other Vodafone mobiles (not all networks). Full details are available at the Talk page.
International Finally, the International free sims tariff is perfect for people who need to call friends and family abroad. You get between 60 and 240 minutes included on top of your credit when you top up (depending on the amount you top up by). To see a breakdown of the credit you need to add to get the number of minutes you need, visit the Vodafone International page.

In the above table, all benefits are in addition to your credit added to your free Vodafone sim card, except Vodafone Freedom, with which you buy the allowances out of your credit.

Freebies With Vodafone Sim Cards

All of the tariffs also qualify for Freebees, a rewards scheme giving you promotional codes each time you top up. Each code will increase your points balance, so you can either get a bonus straight away, or save up your points for an even bigger treat!

Available Sim Card Sizes

All pay as you go sims come in both standard size and micro SIM formats suitable for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, so be sure to choose the correct size when you order if you are an Apple handset owner (the 3GS uses standard sims).

Buy Direct Or Elsewhere?

We recommend that you choose to order direct, as the free Vodafone sims will be sent out to you free of charge, whereas from third parties may incur a fee.

To get your free sim card from Vodafone, click here, or there are further options at the top of the page.

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