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o2 Free Get free sim cards direct from o2
Mobile Fun £3.03 Get an o2 sim card from Mobile Fun
Prepay Mania £0.50 Get a o2 sim card from Prepay Mania

As one of the UK’s leading mobile phone providers, o2 have a huge following due to their added value services, such as priority gig tickets. When you choose to order o2 sim cards, you’ll get a choice of five tariffs (click a the name of the tariff to get more information on it):

  1. Text & Web
  2. o2 Unlimited
  3. Simplicity
  4. Text And Web For Blackberry
  5. International Sim
  6. Pay And Go Go Go

As you might expect, each tariff is named according to the type of customer it is designed for.

Text And Web

Text and web will appeal to users that send lots of text messages and surf the web on the go. Simply top up by £10 a month, and you’ll get 200 text messages (UK only), half a gig of web use and unlimited wi-fi access (see the terms for details).

If you top up by more, you can get more texts too, a credit of £30 or more will get you unlimited text messages!

It’s important to note that your allowance is calculated on the previous month’s top ups, so if you topped your o2 sim up by £10 last month and £30 this month, your current allowance is based on last month’s £10 credit.

Get Text & Web here

o2 Unlimited

The o2 unlimited free sims tariff is aimed at people who have a lot of friends on o2 too. When you top up £10 you’ll get unlimited texts to your mates on o2 the following month, and a £15 top up will get calls as well as texts included.

Of course, you’ll also get your credit too. All text allowances exclude picture messaging – charged at 25p each.

Get o2 Unlimited here


When you take a free o2 sim card on the Simplicity tariff, you can choose to buy (or build) an allowance out of your top ups.

The allowances are highly flexible, so you can choose from a range of combinations of minutes and text messages to use, and even bolt on mobile Internet usage.

Allowances start at just £7.50, which will get you unlimited text messages, and increase through the range of plans to include voice calls and web access.

Get Simplicity here

Text And Web For Blackberry

Like the Text And Web plan, the free o2 sim cards also come in a plan for Blackberry users. Unlike Text and Web there is no bonus for a £10 top up, but from £15 you will also get Blackberry Email functionality enabled on your phone.

Get Text And Web For Blackberry here

International Sim

The penultimate offering on the free pay as you go sim card tariffs from o2 is International Sim. As the name suggests, this gives great value on calling abroad, starting at just a penny per minute (varies by country).

Texts are also charged at a flat rate of 10p each to send anywhere. You can also get free o2 to o2 calls and texts when you top up £15 in the previous month (texts only for £10).

Get International Sim here

Pay And Go Go Go

This is o2’s latest pay as you go innovation and rewards you for sticking around. It works by giving you allowances when you top up by a certain amount each month. For example a tenner a month top up will get you 75 minutes to call UK landlines or mobiles, 500 UK text messages and 100Mb or surfing the web on your phone. £20 gets you 250 minutes, 2500 text messages and 250Mb of web use, again for use in the UK only.

Where things get interesting is that if you meet the top up requirement each month, after three months your o2 Pay And Go Go Go allowances will double, so the chances are you’ll have similar allowances as contract customers who pay a similar fee, yet don’t have the same commitment. What’s even more interesting is that o2 promise better things the longer you stay, after six months they also give you twice as many ‘o2 rewards’ with top ups, and at the nine month point, you’ll get as many texts as you need included too. Each allowance lasts as long as you continue to make the required level of top up in consecutive months.

Get Pay And Go Go Go here

Benefits of o2 Pay As You Go Sims

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest extra benefits for free o2 sim card customers is the Priority Tickets scheme, which means you can get access to book tickets for gigs and shows up to 48 hours before they go on general sale.

There are a huge number of venues around the country, with London’s “The o2” (formerly the Millennium Dome) being the most well known. Additionally there are a large number of o2 Academy venues spread across the country which host up and coming acts, and more intimate gigs for larger artists.

How To Get o2 Priority Tickets

As an o2 customer, even on a free sim cards plan, you can access many of the great deals available. Usually gig tickets simply involve texting a number, and you’ll be able to receive text alerts for the most popular events as they are announced. As the name ‘Priority Tickets’ suggests, o2 customers will often get the chance to book their place before anyone else.

Bonus Credit On Pay As You Go Top Ups

When you top up your free o2 sim card, you will be able to earn 10% back of the top up value, subject to a maximum of £150 every three months. All you need to do is sign up to the cash back offer once you have your sim card (or micro sim) in your phone.

Add £15 a month of credit to your phone and you’ll also be able to get unlimited calls and texts to o2 numbers. That’s on top of the balance you add to your phone!

It’s Not Just Gig Tickets

As well as the priority gig tickets, you o2 sim card will get you access to priority moments, another nationwide network of promotions available to o2 customers.

To get your free o2 sim cards, visit the o2 website.

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