Need Ideas For A Free Mobile Phone?

One common problem with ordering a free pay as you go sim card is that not everyone has a mobile phone available to put the sim card in! If your phone has been lost, stolen or damaged, no matter how perfectly a free pay as you go sim card tariff is for your needs, on its own it’s not a great deal of use.

How To Get A Mobile Phone

Getting a free mobile phone from a mobile phone company is only likely to happen with a contract, and they tend to require a commitment of at least a year.

If you want the latest smart phone then you’re probably quite happy with that arrangement, but if you have been carrying a five year old brick around since it was new, the chances are you’d rather not pay any more than necessary.

Call On A Friend

To keep costs down, try asking friends if they have a spare mobile phone kicking about in a drawer that’s gathering dust. Many people have several of their old phones lying around, so the chances are you might be able to get hold of one from a friend for free.

Some older phones might need a new charger or battery, but you can often pick things like that up on eBay for under a fiver.

Buy A Cheap Phone

Speaking of eBay, you won’t get an old phone quite free, but people often just want to find a good home for a phone they have replaced and list them on the auction site so you can have it in your hands for a little more than the cost of posting it to you. Of course, not everyone is happy to do business with an invisible stranger over the Internet, so you might like to try another route.

Buying A Pay As You Go Phone

Shops like Argos tend to have at least one very cheap mobile phone in stock at any one time, and more often than not they come with a sim card so they’re ready to go. Just open up the box, charge up the phone and you’re away!

Finally, if you’re one for playing things safe, a great option is to get a cheap mobile phone from the mobile networks. They all have low priced pay as you go phones available, so you’ll be able to pick up a bargain, usually delivered to your door within a few days.

Choose Your Network Before Your Phone

Generally speaking you can get all the same benefits as the sim cards we list in on our site, you just need to make sure you get the phone from the right network!

For your convenience, here’s some links to the major network’s online stores where you can buy some cheap pay as you go mobile phones:

Retailer Price Link
Vodafone From £15 Go To Vodafone Pay As You Go Store
o2 From £15 Go To o2 Pay As You Go Store
Orange From £10
(top up required)
Go To Orange Pay As You Go Store
T-Mobile  From £10 Go To T-Mobile Pay As You Go Store
3  From £45 Go To 3 Pay As You Go Store
Carphone Warehouse  From £5 Go To Carphone Warehouse

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