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GiffGaff Free Get free sim cards direct from GiffGaff
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GiffGaff are one of the lesser known UK networks, in fact they are what’s known as a virtual provider, as they actually use one of the main networks (o2) to provide their service.

Great Value

What’s interesting is that by getting free GiffGaff sim cards, you can actually get better prices than direct from o2 – the network they use. What’s more, you don’t need to commit to a contract with GiffGaff, their service is actually a hybrid of contract and pay as you go tariffs.

GiffGaff Coverage

Because o2 are one of the best networks for UK coverage, you should get a great signal almost anywhere. If you get a good signal somewhere with an o2, you’ll get the same with GiffGaff.

The GiffGaff Tariff

At the time of writing (February 2013), it’s completely free to call or text other GiffGaff phones, so long as you’ve topped up in the last three months or bought a goodybag (more on that later) in the same period.

Call And Text Pricing

Calls to other mobile networks or landlines will set you back 10p per minute, and texts are 6p each to send.

Other Costs

The voicemail service will cost you 8p to call, but this is a flat rate, so pick up as many messages as you like in one go and it won’t cost you any more.

If your phone supports it, you can get internet access via your free GiffGaff sim card for just 20p on each day you use it, subject to a maximum allowance of 20Mb on that day.

‘Freephone’ Is Free With GiffGaff Sims

Something that’s great on GiffGaff is freephone numbers are actually free too – that is numbers starting 0800 and 0500.

GiffGaff Goodybags

If you fancy buying a block of calls, texts or data up front you can get an even better deal with your free GiffGaff sim card. This means that instead of topping up and using your credit as you call, text or surf the web, you can opt to bulk buy your usage for less.

There are a number of general goodybags with a combination of calls, texts and data included, and more recently a few have been added for users wishing to make use of more data. The packages available are as follows:

Price Calls (mins) Texts Data
£5.00 Unlimited
£5.00 60 300
£10.00 250 Unlimited 1Gb
£12.00 250 Unlimited Unlimited
£15.00 400 Unlimited Unlimited
£20.00 800 Unlimited Unlimited
£25.00 1,500 Unlimited Unlimited
£5.00 500MB
£7.50 1000MB
£12.50 3000MB

Free GiffGaff To GiffGaff Calls And Texts

It’s also worth repeating the earlier note that buying a goodybag will also entitle you to free calls and texts to other GiffGaff customers for up to three months. The only limitation is calls are only free up to the sixty minute mark – just hang up and redial to start the timer again!

You can get your hands on a sim card direct from GiffGaff. If you need a microsim (for an iPhone 4 or later), check out our article on Giffgaff micro sims.

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